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28 Июня 31 Октября 2014

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Manifesta Journal Panel Discussion at Tate Modern

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Manifesta Journal Panel Discussion at Tate Modern

Future(s) of Cohabitation

Manifesta Journal in collaboration with Tate Modern

5 April 2014

To celebrate the release of the Manifesta Journal 17 Future(s) of Cohabitation edited by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (Chief Editor), Virginie Bobin (Associate Editor) and Bisi Silva (MJ#17 Guest Editor), Manifesta Journal, in partnership with Tate Modern, will host a panel discussion and seminar.

This panel discussion and seminar draws from the latest issue of Manifesta Journal, which thinks through our contemporary global condition, through destabilizing narratives of origin, rootedness, authenticity and identarian politics. Panelists will critically assess and re-position the legacy of concepts such as “hybridity” or “hyphenated identities” and their contemporary relevance in the field of arts and humanities. Speakers include Kapwani Kiwanga with her investigation of Afrofuturism, theorist Fatima El-Tayeb and curator Elvira Dyangasi Ose. Through presentations and a panel discussion, this event hopes to open up visions, possibilities and realities for dynamic, potential and imagined futures to co-inhabit across space.

Venue: Tate Modern, London

Date: 5 April 2014

Cost: £12 full, £9 concession which includes a copy of MJ#17


Panel Discussion

13:00-13:05: Welcome by Tate Modern Elvira Dyangani Ose and Nora Razian

13:05-13:15: Introduction by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (Curator, writer and MJ Chief Editor) & Virginie Bobin (Curator, writer and MJ Associate Editor)

13:15-13:35: “Creolizing Europe”, Fatima El-Tayeb (Associate Professor of African-American Literature and Culture, UC San Diego), 20 minutes presentation

13:35-14:00: “Speculative Certainties”, Kapwani Kiwanga (Artist), 20 minutes presentation

14:00-14:20: Elvira Dyangani Ose (Curator International Art Tate), 20 Minutes presentation

14:20-15:30: Roundtable discussion moderated by Bisi Silva (Independent curator, founder/director of Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos and MJ#17 Guest Editor) and Q&A with audience


15:30-16:00: Break


16:00-17:30: Led by MJ editorial team with speakers


For more information about this event visit Tate Modern.

This event is generously supported by Fluxus and sponsored by the Goethe-Institute London.