The European Biennial of Contemporary Art

28 June 31 October 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia The State Hermitage Museum

Getting around St.Petersburg

Public transport

Public transport operates from 05:00 until just after 00:00. On all above-ground transportation (buses and trolleybuses) tickets can be bought on board from the conductor or the driver.


Routes are indicated on window placards positioned on the side of each bus and trolleybus.

Tickets cost 25 Rub.


St. Petersburg has five color-coded, numbered metro lines. Metro-tokens or plastic cards that can be used for multiple rides within a fixed period can be bought from the ticket offices. On arrival at each station, the current station will be announced, as well as the name of the next stop.

One metro ride costs 28 Rub.


Please be aware when hailing taxis that travelling in an unmarked car can be unsafe. It is advisable to take official taxis and to agree on a price in advance. Trips within the center can reasonably range from 250-300 rubles. Try to avoid using large denominations and asking for change.

Recommended taxi companies:

Russkoe Taxi
T: +7 812 303 80 00; +7 812 777 70 00

068-Petersburg Taxi
T: 068 (locally); +7 812 380 67 77

T: +7 812 600 00 00