The European Biennial of Contemporary Art

28 June 31 October 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia The State Hermitage Museum


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(curated by Natalia Padabed):

Pantha du Prince (Germany)
Mujuice (Moscow)
Nikolay Sudnik (St. Petersburg)
Love Cult (Petrozavodsk)
Hmot (Krasnoyarsk)
TanyaTanya (Kiev)
AZ / Alexander Zaitsev / (St. Petersburg)
All BLX (St. Petersburg)
Delicate Features (St. Petersburg) 

* And Special guest – artist WOLFGANG TILLMANS who will create a DJ set



Ekaterina Andreeva (curator of the Timur Novikov and Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe rooms in MANIFESTA 10)
Anastasia Kotchenko Alexander Malakhovskii,Alexandra Naumova, Natalia Soboleva (art mediators MANIFESTA 10) 

A Video Screening: "Timur Novikov. Zero Object "(dir. A. Shein, 2014)
Acoustic Musical: "The Awakening of Sovrisk" by the vocal-instrumental ensemble 0ZERO
Workshop: "A message to the curator of Manifesta 11"
Exhibition: "Children commenting on MANIFESTA 10"
A Jukebox: “The Best of GRRR JAMMING SQUEAK - St. Petersburg"
Photo exhibition: 'Inversion' by the Hermitage Youth Centre


Project Coordinator - Yana Klichuk

Communications Coordinator - Marina Bachurova


Entry into MANIFESTA NIGHT 10 is granted with a valid ticket to the General Staff Building. Ticket price - 100 rubles. 

All persons within the territory of the Museum are prohibited from being in the possession of or under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Smoking is not permitted inside the Museum and bringing in any food or liquids including bottled drinks is also forbidden.