The European Biennial of Contemporary Art

28 June 31 October 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia The State Hermitage Museum

"MANIFESTA 10 Dialogues" Dialogue 6. "Engagement or Disengagement". MANIFESTA 10’s Public Program

posted on: April 28, 2014, 10:47 a.m.

"MANIFESTA 10 Dialogues" Dialogue 6. "Engagement or Disengagement". MANIFESTA 10’s Public Program

"MANIFESTA 10 Dialogues" Dialogue 6. "Engagement or Disengagement." MANIFESTA 10’s Public Program on Wednesday 30th April at 19.00 at the LenDoc open film studio, 12 Krukova Kanal Embankment, St. Petersburg.

A discussion on MANIFESTA 10’s Public Program, with participation of Public Program artists: Lado Darakhvelidze (Georgia / Netherlands), Ilya Orlov (St. Petersburg), Alexandra Pirici (Romania) and moderated by Joanna Warsza (Poland), Head of the Public Program for MANIFESTA 10.

The curatorial approach to the MANIFESTA 10 Public Program has been based on all the locations one can reach from Vitebsky Station in St. Petersburg, the first railway station to connect Russia to the West. Most of the invited artists originate from cities of Eastern Europe: Tallinn, Kiev, Vilnius and Chisinau, which are all directly linked by train to Vitebsky Station. The respective background of these artists have rendered them highly sensitive to the current geopolitical situation. The Dialogue will address questions such as how the Public Program will critically respond to both to the city of St. Petersburg but also to the current social-political circumstances, its conflicts and complexities, and the place of art within them.

Artists Alexandra Pirici, Ilya Orlov and Lado Darakhvelidze will talk about how their projects will interact with the cultural, historical and social aspects of St. Petersburg as well as its relation to the more general idea of the boycott and the political dilemma of engagement and disengagement. They will talk about how to continue with their projects, under what circumstances, facing what consequences and to what extent? And why they believe that this is a moment when art is needed even more than ever before, that what is required an uncompromising presence of art’s idealism and wit in order to engage in the undertaking of the transformation of non-public space to public.

The Dialogue will be conducted in English with simultaneous Russian translation at LenDoc – one of the venues of the Public Program.

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