The European Biennial of Contemporary Art

28 June 31 October 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia The State Hermitage Museum

MANIFESTA 10 Dialogue #5

posted on: March 22, 2014, 2:03 p.m.

MANIFESTA 10 Dialogue #5

On 26th March Manifesta Dialogues will continue at St Petersburg State University with the reunion of curator Viktor Misiano and artist Dmitry Gutov - both participants of Manifesta's first edition. They will be discussing the Biennial's first moves.

In 1996, Rotterdam, the Netherlands hosted Manifesta 1 -titled "Declining and Becoming" which focused on issues of migration and cultural nomads. The Biennial aimed to respond to the new political and social realities in Europe in the hope of establishing a greater dialogue between its constituent parts.

Manifesta 1 included more than 70 artists displayed in over 10 venues. Hans-Ulrich Obrist (Switzerland), Viktor Misiano (Russia), Andrew Renton (UK), Katalin Neray (Hungary) and Rosa Martinez (Spain), five curators from very different cultural and biographical backgrounds, created this platform for discussing the political implications of globalization, border openings and immigration.

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